Trucks over 7.5T

A truck or bus consumes a significant amount of diesel, which affects the final price of the service.We offer you a competitive advantage in your industry by reducing your fuel costs by an average of 23%.

When using our solution, 30-40% of diesel fuel is replaced by gas, which, depending on fuel prices, provides cost savings of 10-20%. For a truck with a semi-trailer the savings will be between 2 - 6 euros for each 100km, but the main savings are the exemption from the road toll in Germany, which is between 1 000 and 2 000* euros per month.

We offer to equip cars with Ecomotive Solutions D-GID ECU control unit, which is an innovative and patented solution for truck and bus diesel engines, so that they work properly and gently against car components without losing economic benefits.

What is D-GID? 
Innovative system allowing to fuel diesel engines with a mixture of diesel oil and natural gas (CNG compressed natural gas, LNG liquefied natural gas, Biomethane, Syngas, etc.), d-gid Control Unit determines the amount of diesel fuel injected and air/gas mixture dosage dynamically, modifying it in real time according to the feedback provided by the engine to guarantee perfect operational conditions.

How it works?
D-gid manages and controls the quantity of diesel fuel injected, which is reduced up to 80-90% (in steady conditions). The average substitution rate in dynamic working conditions is 40-50%**. d-gid substitution rate strategy aims at keeping the engine performance unvaried, although variations could technically be set for specific needs.

(*) Official Toll Collect page.
(**) Substitution ratio varies according to the engine working conditions and gas characteristics)

Fuel cost calculator
Diesel consumption
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Fuel price Diesel
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Diesel to Gas substitution
50 %
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